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The T3T Legacy

A Trusted Mainframe Re-Platforming Advisor Since 1992

T3T Software is uniquely qualified to serve as your trusted advisor for mainframe re-platforming. Since 1992, T3T has provided mainframe and alternate platform solutions to the mainframe community. T3T was an IBM Premier Business Partner for zSeries from 1992 until 2002. Throughout that period, T3T remained one of IBM’s leading vendors for mainframe solutions, including the p/390, Multiprise 2000, Multiprise 3000, and zSeries servers. In 2000, when IBM raised the bar on prices, MIPS, and functionality and began designing mainframe systems targeted only for their very largest customers, T3T responded by becoming the largest integrator of emulated platforms. Our highly regarded tServer and Liberty product lines serve over 600 mainframe customers in 28 countries!

Throughout our history, T3T has also been a key provider of Systems Programming and other support services to z/OS and VSE customers.

By combining our collective experiences over the past 17 years with our new partners and professional employees, T3T is once again disrupting the mainframe environment. As throughout our history, our focus remains on providing the most cost effective, high performing solutions for traditional mainframe data centers.


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