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Liberty Server - DataMover


Supports common mainframe file formats
Intelligent field-by-field EBCDIC to ASCII translation
Understands multiple record types, redefines, OCCURS and ODO—including sliding formats
Extensible rule based processing eliminates custom programming

Finalize your mainframe migration!

  • Turn off your mainframe and finally stop paying your ongoing mainframe software and maintenance costs.
  • T3T’s tools allow for the quick migration of your data with minimal manual intervention to get you off your mainframe fast.
  • Automated tools and extensive testing ensure quality and precision in your migrated data.
  • DataMover Datasheet


VSAM files can be re-factored to SQL databases for modernizing data. Data normalization is a standard feature of the T3 migration process
Embedded SQL statements for COBOL integration—can be used in lieu of COBOL READ/WRITE statements

DataMover Example

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