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T3T Leadership Team - Chuck Townsend

Chuck Townsend started his career with 30 years at IBM where he held increasingly challenging and responsible positions in research and development.

One of Chuck’s roles at IBM was managing software language tools and constructing development strategies for COBOL and other IBM compilers. In this role, he led efforts to create a cohesive cross language and cross platform application development environment and was a member of the IBM Research Software Technology Institute.

Another of his key roles at IBM was Cross Divisional Liaison where he was instrumental in developing UNIX for the mainframe. He also led software teams developing on NFS, Distributed File Manager and was the go-to person for other IBM Storage Division Technologies.

Chuck took his career into product management, leading multi-disciplinary, multi-continental and multi-platform teams creating the binary large object archival and retrieval application product which incorporated IMS, CICS, DB2 and OAM as core technologies. One of his most touted accomplishments is when he established strategies, built a team and delivered a finished IBM Program Product to customers in less than nine months.

During his tenure at IBM, Chuck was an influential spokesman for a wide range of technologies. He was equally at home sharing his insights on University campuses sharing his insights and on an Architectural Council of a Swiss bank. Chuck’ experience at IBM provided a solid business foundation, management expertise, development and technical skills.

After leaving IBM, Chuck worked as a Product Manager at Fujitsu, directing the introduction of Fujitsu’s COBOL offerings into North America and becoming involved in COBOL Standards.

In 1997, Chuck was named CEO and CTO for LegacyJ Corporation – a startup business specializing in rehosting mainframe workloads to alternate platforms that he built into a name player in the enterprise application development business. Chuck was a hands-on leader who set the business strategies and technical development roadmap, established the business relationships and managed intellectual property that led LegacyJ to complete multiple successful projects with Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and IBM.

In addition to his career work, Chuck has written extensively covering the Enterprise Computing technical and competitive landscapes. Because of his experience, thought leadership and the respect with which he is viewed throughout the community, he is often sought out for his opinion in other peoples’ writings as well. His public works and quotes can be found in publications such as MainframeZone, InfoWorld, PCWorld and IT World.

Chuck joined the T3T Software team as the VP of Technical Services. Chuck leads T3T Software’ initiative to accurately assess, estimate and deliver mainframe modernization solutions in both a timely and effective fashion. Drawing on his technology, development and management skills from his experience at IBM and subsequent positions, Chuck establishes, develops and identifies processes and tools T3T Software uses to produce fast and accurate mainframe modernization results.

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