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T3T Leadership Team - Michael Cassilly

Michael Cassilly has been in the business of migrating mainframes throughout his entire career. Not only does he have extensive experience in mainframe to Windows, UNIX and Linux rehosting and replatforming, he has been very successful in Legacy Renewal engineering with custom solutions and enhancements. Michael’s development philosophy is of a complete systems life cycle approach with an emphasis on quality, timeliness and practicality.

Michael spent a large part of his career in and around Micro Focus. While at Micro Focus, he was part of the research and development team for the code generation tool APS Master Builder, a 3GL which generates legacy applications code.

Michael took his R&D experience into practice and began successfully engineering and managing mainframe rehosting and replatforming projects. One of these was a large American brewing company where he rehosted the mainframe development environment. By re-engineering this mainframe development environment into an n-tier development environment he was able to bring his client forward by 20 years and into the modern and manageable Windows desktop work space.

In another project at a large bank in North Carolina, Michael built a security system for a Windows based IMS database emulation that allowed only credentialed people to view sensitive information restricted by LDAP and governed by Sarbanes Oxley.

Michael brings over thirty years of experience and dozens of successful Mainframe-to-Windows migration projects to T3T as a Project and Delivery Manager.

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