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T3T Leadership Team - Robert Lair

Robert Lair, T3T Software's Vice President of Development, is a well-known name in the Microsoft World. He quite literally wrote the book on ASP.NET and Microsoft Silverlight. After studying computer science, business and mechanical engineering at Wright State University, Robert worked as a Visual Basic developer and soon went to work for Vertigo Software as a software engineer.

It was one of Robert's early projects at Vertigo that made him an industry name. With no further help than a development guide, Robert wrote the very first ASP.NET demo for Microsoft in 2000. The program, IBuySpy, was based around a fictitious spy merchandising company selling spy gear. IBuySpy was used by Microsoft to introduce ASP.NET to the development community and quickly became a customizable structure on which companies could base their online stores. It was an exciting and fun project to work on, but it was very challenging. This was one of the first programs ever written in ASP.NET so there were no resources for Robert to learn from or to assist him with the development of the program. Since Visual Studios did not support ASP.Net yet, he used Notebook to develop and write the application.

Due to his expertise in ASP.NET, Robert's development mentor recommended he do some writing on the subject. Taking his advice, Robert wrote the comprehensive guide to ASP.NET, Pure ASP.NET. As a leading expert in the subject, he was asked to speak at various large conferences on ASP.NET and quickly became a go-to name in the industry.

Not long after the release of IBuySpy Robert started a custom consulting company called Intensity Software. Intensity Software specialized in, not surprisingly, ASP.NET and legacy migration. When Robert heard about a new COBOL compiler created for the .NET framework he was intrigued. He learned COBOL and converted IBuySpy to COBOL. This was Robert's entry into the mainframe world and from there his company built a product called KICKS for .NET™, a product which was the leading tool for legacy migrations to bring CICS applications to the .NET framework.

In 2008 Robert started a new business doing independent consulting, technical editing for Aspress, Inc., and started writing again. As one of the few development minded people with a talent for user interfaces, he was also a heavy Flash user. He recognized that it has its drawbacks due to a lack of a strong programming framework. When Microsoft announced Silverlight Robert saw it as the future of the internet and software development. He has since written three books on Silverlight, the most recent being Beginning Silverlight 4 in C#.

Through his consulting practice, Robert ran into an former colleague and they began discussing a gap in the mainframe migration industry and the need to reduce the time and cost of migrations. Robert determined that automating the process by adding tooling would resolve this requirement. T3T Software recognized this need as well and brought Robert on as Development Manager. Robert has been an invaluable addition to T3T's leadership team, resulting in not only developing tools for specific projects, but also allowing T3T to reduce the time, risk and cost of migrations by creating tools that can be used globally.

Books by Robert Lair


Beginning Silverlight 2:
From Novice to Professional

Beginning Silverlight 3

Beginning Silverlight 4 in C#

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