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T3T Leadership Team

Chuck Townsend

VP of Technical Services

Chuck leads T3T Software’s initiative to accurately assess, estimate and deliver mainframe modernization solutions in both a timely and effective fashion. Drawing on his technology, development and management skills from his experience at IBM and subsequent positions, Chuck establishes, develops and identifies processes and tools T3T Software uses to produce fast and accurate mainframe modernization results.
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Robert Lair

Author, Programmer, Developer, Modern IT Renaissance Man

Robert Lair, T3T Software's Vice President of Development, is a well-known name in the Microsoft World. He quite literally wrote the book on ASP.NET and Microsoft Silverlight. After studying computer science, business and mechanical engineering at Wright State University, Robert worked as a Visual Basic developer and soon went to work for Vertigo Software as a software engineer.
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Philip Buckalew

Project and Delivery Manager

Philip capitalizes on his experience at T3T as a Project and Delivery Manager responsible for managing legacy migrations to Windows Server.
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Michael Cassilly

Project and Delivery Manager

Michael brings over thirty years of experience and dozens of successful Mainframe-to-Windows migration projects to T3T as a Project and Delivery Manager.
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